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Muladhar Agronomics

Muladhar means “root and basis of Existence”. Muladhar Agronomics is a company that focuses on the socio-economic wellbeing of Farmers of India. Organic farming and sustainable farming in Smallholdings is the mission of the company. Justifying its name Muladhar aims to strengthen the roots of the Indian farmer’s fraternity and its economic matrix.

Our team has a passion for making things with real value. This has led us to assemble a multi-talented group that can do just about anything: from incorporating our farmers to distribution of our products. We always discuss in our team that-Let’s do something real-special together.

Major Primary and secondary fields which we aim at:



The inception of the Idea is taking place

Mr.Abhishek Thapliyal began to perceive the economically autonomous farmer and the world in which no one is undernourished


The Muladhar Agronomics Society was drafted

The existence of the agronomics movement started keeping the bigger picture in mind, to revolutionize agriculture sector. Creating a global footprint by serving globally


Incorporation was initiated

With our great efforts, we are happy to mention that the final incorporation was completed in Aug 2020, and we officiated our work with the farmers


Our service expansion program

Muladhar added the following art of work within the agribusiness, including- milling, refining, specialty foods, nutritious ingredients and so on.